This new year…

just gotta believe

I hope that you all can find the strength from within yourself to make this year the best one yet. A new day and a new year begin, but even though it is a new year it is actually never too late to start a-new and start over. It does not matter when you decide it means the same thing. For you to know and realise that you need or want to restart and renew your life is amazing in itself. You have found the strength to do it and always remember that you are never alone in any of this.

You are never ever alone no matter how low or dark or alone you feel there is always someone out there thinking about you.

I have spoken before about self-care box and maybe this is something that could work for you. I actually use an old(ish) bag for me, it has a journal that I often write quotes that I like or can relate to or just write in it whatever is in my head. It does also have many other things in it too.

I no for a fact that I do tend to ramble in my blog posts and that this is a rather short one but I just wanted to say

1) I am so proud of you.

2) That no matter how dark and far away from the light you feel you are it is out there, even the tiniest pin prick of light is there. You just got to follow it and believe that you can get there.

I no that you may have demons that you are fighting and I myself have many demons that I constantly fighting. In fact there is not a second that I’m not fighting them, but I do believe we can beat them with the help from family and friends.

“You just gotta BELIEVE in yourself”

Lisa M Dodds



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