Technology… (trolls)


So a friend of my who has helped me through a hell of a lot has been trolled online, the have attacked his personal twitter account and even his email. This has led him to have to take the action to shut down his email and twitter account and contact the police.

The fact that these trolls decide to attack someone that they probably do not know just shows how little compassion or anything to do. These people obviously have far too much time on their hands and probably have no life.

I do not mean to sound harsh but when you decide to do horrible s*** to people I really hope you get your comeuppance. But it’s not just one person so many other people get bullied by trolls and obviously we all hear about celebrities being trolled too. The stuff that is written about people ends up making people think that they are a horrible person and offensive to them even though that person probably has never been horrible.

It makes me sick and angry that People do this. Why and what do you have to gain?  You just end up destroying people’s lives and you do not gain respect to be able to hack into accounts. You need to be stopped and as I said before your comeuppance will come, maybe not now but it will come.

I have just been researching online about how many ways people hack people phones or email or online accounts and there are so many ways that im not even going to start writing them down. It’s actually kind of scary how they can do it. But that’s where technology has its major flaws and company’s really should be looking into ways to overcome this. I know that it is easier then said but there has to be a way to deal with this… Only time will tell…


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