Its ok to show emotions it doesn’t mean you weak…

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Its ok to show emotions it doesn’t mean you weak

People often think that to show any emotion mean that your weak and pathetic. It doesn’t mean that your too sensitive. Throughout life there are always going to be times when you going to be upset. But to show any emotions whether anger, sadness or being quiet doesn’t make you weak.

Is there a difference between anger and irritability?


Anger is an emotion that can range from mild annoyance to intense rage. People may become angry when they feel threatened, harmed, or powerless.


Irritability is having a tendency to be easily annoyed or angry. People who often feel threatened or frustrated may feel angry all the time. The strain of daily stress can cause them to be irritaded with others. Constant anger and irritability can be bad for a person’s health, resulting in problems such as headaches and migraines and many other symptoms can also arise.. Sometimes, irritability causes people to lash out at others, which can put strain on any kind of relationship.

Types of emotions


Sadness can be both a physical pain or a mental pain associated with, or characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, helplessness, disappointment and sorrow. An individual experiencing sadness may become quiet or lethargic, and withdraw themselves from others. someone crying can be a sign of someone feeling sadness.


Surprise is a brief mental and physiological state. It can be an enjoyable experiece, but also a bad experience which can lead to other emotions kicking in.


 Fear may occur in response to a something specific that has happened. Even if whatever has causeed this fear has gone the momories of it can keep reocurring.


Happiness is an enjoyable emotion, it can range from contentment to escalated joy.


Disgust is a response of revulsion to something considered offensive or unpleasant.

Not showing emotions does not mean you cold-hearted.

Some people struggle to show emotion or sometimes struggle to show any emotions at all. Some people tend to think that they are cold-hearted or senseless people, this is totally unfair. They do not know what is going on in that person’s head. I myself struggle to get emotions out at times, but in my head I am full of all kinds of emotions but outwardly I show nothing. The only time you can really tell when something is wrong is when I go quiet and try and be on my own all the time.

Does this mean that I am a horrible person NO I don’t think so? I have been through a lot of things when I was younger. Emotions weren’t a thing to be shown, this is what I thought was the right things until I was fostered and adopted. They showed compassion and showed me that you can talk and show emotions. Yet this not showing emotions has always stuck with me and still does to this day. But saying that I do show caring and compassion when it comes to someone else who is hurting or happiness when they are feeling good.

We are each individual…

Don’t judge us each as if we were the same were not….

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5 thoughts on “Its ok to show emotions it doesn’t mean you weak…

  1. Hi i’m Gino i’m new to Defining Shadows and i thought i’d read on and visit your profile. Since you wrote about mental illness i’ll elaborate regarding myself. My issue,i was told a long time ago i’ll never fit the profile of most men and even have a coolness factor. It bothered me because i wanted to hang with the cool kids and be popular, i do search for alot of approval and acceptance in society from others. My question is does it prevent you from being cool and composed when you show to much excitability about new people and new things? I struggle with trying to be more lay back and easy going and i worry that i try to hard to make new friends and have trouble keeping those friends in my life because i am so intense. I feel i can exhaust people with my optimism about life, yet my pessimism for my role in it being sometimes less than included in the lives of others. Would it just be easier to not show my emotions all the time or am i ok the way i am?


    • Hi Gino,
      I personally do not think that it stops you from being cool. I myself was never ‘in’ with the cool people at school and I don’t think I am now even in adulthood. The fact that you have so much optimism is great and I don’t think you should hold that back. You are fantastic as you are and I don’t think that you need to change or restrain yourself from showing your optimisn. You don’t have to try and make friends, you will make friends throughout your life and some may come and go but those that do stick around are the great friends that you can rely on. But seriously don’t change how you are. You are unique and there is only one of you.
      Here always


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