My whitterings…..

I was just wondering there are all these magazines that either love a celebrity one minute or are criticising them the next moment. I have just been looking through some and none of them are filled with just purely great things about anyone. There are so many adverts in them and telling you what you should wear now.

I personally think it’s great that people bring out their own style and don’t give a scrap what other people think about what their looking like and what their wearing. Each person’s way of dressing is unique to their own self. As long as you are happy and comfortable then go ahead and wear it.

I personally wear black most of the time and to be honest don’t really have a sense of style. I just grab whatever and put it on. As long as I’m comfy I’m all good. But my own favourite thing that I love love love is my hair colour. Believe me I have gone from originally being a blonde to briwn, pink, red, black. So now I have finally found a colour that I live and its called cosmic blue. And it’s the only colour that I have stuck with for a long time now. I do get told how in-house go back to blonde but no thanks.

Wow that went massively off course… But no matter how you look don’t give people two hoots about what they say you should and shouldn’t wear. There’s no one in this world who should be able to tell you how to be other then you.

So be yourself. Be yourself and proud!!!

Even now I haven’t written what I was wanting to write after the but about magazines and being different and proud. I was meaning to write about how I was wondering and thinking about if there were just as many magazines out there and on shop shelves about mental health issues. Mental health magazines and books and newspapers about it all. Like in the middle of the magazine stand. The part where you place the most popular magazines that people look for.

I just wish I could get even one magazine out there to become just as popular as all the others. To become a creator of a magazine or paper. To be able to bring light to people that want to be able to talk freely about mental health without being given dirty looks or people just talking you down. To have information out there in one place one bloody obvious place where no-one could not see it. To have photographs that people have taken and get them out there.

But wouldn’t know where to start with any of this. I just wish I could have the ability to be able to do this be able to get others wanting to do this. To be able to get the help and guidance I need and want. To be able to do this would be a dream come true. Because we shouldn’t have to hide what our mental health issues are but to be able to prove that we are all more then them. We are not the label that we seem to have in some people’s eyes. Just because we have medication to help us doesn’t mean were a danger to society. So be proud of who we are. Never fail in being proud of who you are, never let people put you down about anything.


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