Each day a new day

Every day is a new day. A new day to face any battles coming your way. Even if it a battle from the day before. You have and can start a new day with a fresh look on the situation and tackle it head on and step by step you will sort it.

We each will face personal battles all the time. Mine at the moment are the demon voices in my head. Both working over time today. One shouting horrid statements at me, in the form of my biological mother. She is a voice that I have battled for many years. At times I am able to ignore her, just saying to myself what’s that buzzing noise. But she grows stronger all the time but as long as I am busy I can control what I am doing.

The other voice is one continuation voice that did transpire into a human form but I have managed to back her down she’s the one that hacks on and on about food.

But I’m just saying if I can battle these voices all day every day and face everything else then I promise you that you can get each day. Just focus on the here and now. Take each day and don’t worry about the weeks ahead. Just breathe and take care of yourself and those that you are there to look after too. But you have to make time to look after yourself too.

Take care.


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