day 4….

Can’t write much as battery is gonna die. But fourth day in and still not eaten. In five days. Finally it feels like someone understands me. At long last they can see how I really am. Had ecg today to check up on heart thing they found. Said all’s clear.

Getting bloods taken tomorrow.

Been put on an extra two meds as well.

Lamotrigine, quetiapine and mirtazapine. All taste rather disgusting but what’s gotta be taken has to be taken I guess. One has to be taken three times a day other two twtwice a day.

I’m still in very much so suicidal way. But writing in my journaI constantly is making my mind wander away from suicidal thoughts. Even though i end up writing out my suicidal thoughts and they stay in my head. At least if I cant tell someone then I can get them to read it.

Better go but hope your all well and thanks for taking time to keep this babbling of mine.



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