slowly settling in…

Slowly settling in here. Only 2nd day. Keep getting lost it a huge building. Lol.

It’s mixed place. But separate sleeping wards for male and females.There are lady only living rooms. Male only living rooms. Mixed living room. Outside court yard but everyone smokes out there. Games room and activity room.

I’m keeping myself to myself as much as I can. Whenever in corridor always getting stopped by other patients asking if I’m the new girl. They seem lovely but I’m a very shy and private person.

Have both my phones and kindle. Two journals. All my clothes and supply of sweets. But I haven’t eaten in 3 days. Just can’t bring myself to eat anything. Surviving on mucosal orange. Gives me energy.

Not allowed my charger for phone and kindle. Not allowed my spray deodorant. So have asked the hubby for roll on. Don’t wanna exactly say “excuse me can I use my deodorant on my arm pits” lol. 😁.

Not allowed my money on me.

AnywAys gonna go. Will update later.

Hope ur all well.



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