might not be on for a while…

I’m probably not going to be on for a while. Yesterday I tried to end my life as I’ve crashes rock bottom worse then ever before. I’ve now been admitted to a physc unit in Carlisle. Been here couple of hours and wierd. Keeping myself to myself.

rules aren’t what I expected. Anyway enough of me.

iirwally hope your all well. And I will be on when I can. Take care all.

Lisa xx


9 thoughts on “might not be on for a while…

  1. Naahhhhhh we’ll have none of that “enough of me” bollocks ๐Ÿ˜‰ you’re part of this blogging community. Although none of us can help you on a practical level, we do give a shit. If you can and want to blog, keep us updated. Either way, tons of hugs and strongs for you.

    I’m so sorry that you hit rock bottom – are you in one piece physically? Bastard disease, it hurt you, you didn’t hurt yourself. It’s a monster to cope with and you’re brave for getting this far and your brave for having the balls to blog about your suicide attempt. I’ll be thinking of you. Much respect xox

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