stressful day…

Good evening I hope this finds whoever reads this well.

Just wanted to say hi. It’s been an extremely stressful day here for me… have suffered from stress hesdaches/migraine. So much been happening won’t go into details as don’t want to bore anyone out.

Now it’s absolutely beautiful weather really hot and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Such a difference to the cold cold and wet weather we’ve had last week. Better make the most of it though as its supposed to rain on Saturday or Sunday.

We have a thing here called the north swim. It’s where people compete in racing in lake Windermere. Suddenly we have hundreds of people in our village as everyone into the village bed and breakfasts. We’re full. We have two one nighter stays.

It’s such a beautiful day I’ve been in the shop but have been taking every opportunity to sit outside the shop in the sun. Hoping the wet weather doesn’t last. Anyways that’s enough of me boring whoever reads this.

Remember you are never alone. Speak to someone anyone about how you are feeling.

Take care all

Lisa x


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