grandma and grandad

Your both gone now. I managed to get to a point where I could deal with looking you. But for some reason today I am feeling so low and upset. I just broke down into tears and sobbed on my own in the shop.

Loosing you both has left a massive hole in my heart. I tried to write a letter to you grandad when you passed away. It killed me that you never got to meet summer your third great granddaughter. You died before I have birth to her.

Grandma I tried to write you a letter too. But the words just wouldn’t come out. No one knows how much of an impact loosing you. I have kept the pain to myself. And never shared with anyone how I feel. You no I have never been able to say how I feel.

The one comfort I do have is knowing that neither of you are in pain anymore. And the fact that you are both finally together.

Grandma I remember when grandad died you said the words “I’m ready to die now. And join your grandad.” Now your with him and i really and sincerely hope your both in peace and happy.

Much love and tears to you both


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