Today all I want

Today all I want to do is walk out of my door and keep walking. Gasp in the fresh air but most of all be away from people away from fake noise. I want to just sit on a mountain top and be on my own and in my company.

Yet I hate being on my own when I am. I hate having how when I’m on my own my thoughts instantly go crazy and spins around in my head and no matter what I try and do to empty my mind and head of it all its ALWAYS still in there.


I’m lucky where I live but because I work 6am until 9pm seven days a week I can’t get out and walk. I love where I live. We sometimes used to be able to have someone cover our shop 3 days a week but we couldn’t afford to keep her on. But Xmas I went for a walk with my daughter’s down to the lake and got some amazing photos.

These are my inspiration on my dark day.



I love photography it clears my mind it keeps my head focussed on something for longer then 10minutes.

Sorry this is a total mish mash of things.


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