Expect me to care?

Do you really expect me to care? You sit with me 24/7 you never leave me alone. No one else sees you but me. You say your guiding me to be better at this eating malarky if you are then why the hell are people saying your destroying me?  You say your the only one that I can trust and speak to. The only one that won’t judge me?!? The only one who wants to be my true friend.

But the fact I’m questioning you on this and am looking insane to people as they can’t see anyone and I can and I’m randomly talking out loud at times to you make me look insane. In my heart I no your no good for me and I need rid of u but you no and are gripping onto the fact that I’m rather vulnerable and weak to you and have no real energy to fight you on any of this right now and have no one else that can fight you for me.

I need rid of you. But you now have her with you she looks and backs you up for every piece of stuff that comes out of your mouth. Every time I feel like I battle you  and win and start getting back to some kind of normal eating you ALWAYS ALWAYS make something happen that kicks me back down or lower. Not just back down but massively down.

Why do u hate me so? Oh you don’t!! Really why can you not leave me alone then. I was fine all my life until you came into it. Please can you let me rest even one day? Just one day? What do you mean I won’t last without you I will certainly last without you.

Please stop shouting at me. Fine… Fine… Fine… you win ill stop….


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